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Data Stored in Certified, Secure Data centers

At Vaulteq, security is paramount. That’s why your passwords are stored close by, exclusively in secured, EU data protection compliant Dutch data centers with disaster prevention systems. We’ll even tell you the exact location of them.

Standard 2-factor authentication

At Vaulteq, we want to give our customers the most secure password manager possible. That’s why we offer 2-factor authentication for our service. With 2FA and device lockout, your data is always secure even if your password or device is lost or stolen.


When we say your data is always within reach, we mean that literally. Your information is and will always be encrypted and stored in Dutch servers. You can access it from all over the world, always knowing that it’s safe in The Netherlands

Standard Client Side Encryption

Vaulteq encrypts your data so that no one but you can access it. Even Vaulteq employees can’t access it. Immediately upon leaving your device, your data is encrypted using AES-256-bit encryption. Only you can choose to decrypt it.


For us, transparency is intrinsic to security. Where possible, we run Vaulteq on open source libraries which are developed and audited by developers all over the world to improve your security.

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