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Password sharing

Securely share passwords with team members and manage your team from a single Admin Console. Give each team member their own vault for safeguarding password.

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Keep track of all your passwords

Vaulteq stores your passwords on secure Dutch servers while giving you or your employees access to your accounts with one master password.

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Autosave & fill

When you go to a website login, Vaulteq saves your password the first time then fills it automatically on later visits.

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Password Generation and Analysis

Vaulteq can also help you generate secure new passwords and analyze your current ones to make sure they’re strong enough.

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Sync Across All Devices

Vaulteq allows you to sync all of your devices. We support PCs, tablets, smartphones and the world’s most common operating systems and browsers.

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Activity Center

Information is power. Your Vaulteq activity center gives you warnings, updates, and other messages so you’re always in the loop regarding your passwords.

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