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About Vaulteq

The Story of Vaulteq

One year ago, Frederik and Tim were working together at a software company. Soon they realized they were frustrated by the same problem: they had a slew of passwords but no way to safely, securely store them. While there were password managers on the market, most were American and all stored data in the cloud, in unknown countries and under unknown security. This is where the idea for Vaulteq was born. With a strong dedication to security and transparency, Frederik and Tim started to build a password manager that stored data exclusively in the Netherlands, under strict EU law, with encryption and 2-factor authentication,that could offer a level of general security beyond anyone else. While cloud computing has brought amazing tools to the world, there are still certain things that we want to keep close, within reach and secure. With Vaulteq, Frederik and Tim have made the product they envisioned: a digital vault for passwords, under the best security standards, and with data stored exclusively in the Netherlands.

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