Vaulteq | Your own password vault. Fully secured, always within reach.

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Your own password vault. Fully secured, always within reach.


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Why choose Vaulteq?

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One Password for all of your websites and apps

Vaulteq reduces your slew of passwords to one. With one master password and the rest encrypted and stored in Europe, you can securely access all of your web and app accounts.

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Constant access on all devices

Vaulteq follows you around the world. Regardless of device or country, you can always access your passwords through safe and encrypted channels.

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Secure storage in Europe

With Vaulteq, your passwords will always be stored on a secure Dutch server compliant with EU law. If you’re interested, we’ll even give you the location of the server.

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2FA & AES encryption

Vaulteq has 2-factor authentication and client side encryption built in by default. This means your data is secure when you access it and when it travels from our servers to your device.

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Password sharing

Securely share passwords with team members and manage your team from a single Admin Console. Give each team member their own vault for safeguarding password.

Our product

Vaulteq has been made to harmonize across all of your devices and browsers. We support iOS and Android devices and the most common browsers. Vaulteq also comes with optional fingerprint authorisation to make login simple and quick. Vaulteq is available for both individuals and teams.

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We have pricing plans for everyone. All Vaulteq subscriptions start with a 14 day free premium trial.